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Suzhou Fstar Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd founded in 2006, the headquarters is located in suzhou industrial park, With Shenzhen Branch 、 Chongqing and Wuhan Office. It is a professional optical detection system solutions provide display industry of high-tech enterprises.

FPD optical measurement system independently developed by Fstar Scientific Instrument,It can be used in LCD, TV, Moniter, LCM, OLED component, OLED material, OLED BLU, Micro LED, Mini LED, BEF, Diffuser film, Light Guide Plate, vehicle instrument panel, LED Light Bar,BLU and so on.

After years of exploration and practice, Fstar has developed several sets of application software for various industry standards, which can provide complete software and hardware system solutions according to customers' specific optical measurement projects and requirements. With dozens of patents, it has won the title of high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province for many consecutive years.

Now we have established close cooperation with major manufacturers, research institutes, universities, metrology and quality inspection institutes and other users in the industry. The company's business consulting department, organization development department, software development department, production and manufacturing department and technical service department can provide customers with all-round integrated services. We are a supplier of high-quality optical testing instruments and equipment in the industry.







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