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1.VESA FPDM Standard V 2.0

Flat Panel Display Measurement Standard V 2.0(FPD measurement standard 2.0 version) is one of the most widely appliedinspection standards in LCD module industry up to now.It defines series of measurement methods for luminance, chromaticity,multi-point luminance uniformity, RGB chromaticity, gamut coverage, contrast ratio, gamma curve, crosstalk, viewing angle, grayscale response time, etc.

Optical characteristics measurement projects in many LCD products'specifications a real in accordance with VESA FPDM Standard V 2.0. For example:The graph below is a LC TV manufacturer's 42-sized LCD optical measurement projects and qualification standard.


2.TCO 5.0 media displays

TCO certfication is one of the srictest standards in the world set by Swiss Specialists Commitee about dsplay environment protection requirements.In order to pass TCO certification,the four aspects:ecology,energy,emissions and ergonomics must be in line with standard.

Optical characteristics-related measurement projects in it include:shining luminance,angle-related luminance uniformity,angle-related contrast ratio, grayscale curve,etc.

The following graph is about measurement method for TCO 5.0 angle-related luminance chromaticity:


3.Digital TV FPD measurement method SJ/T 11348-2006

Digital TV FPD measurement method SJ/T 11348-2006 set by China Information Industry Administration defines luminance, contrast ratio, luminance uniformity, white color chromaticity error, primary color chromaticity coordinate, related color  temperature,gamut coverage, white chromaticity heterogeneity, viewing angle, white balance error, motion pictures tailing time  and other measurement projects. 

SJ/T 11348's requirement for measuring distance is:measure at a place that is 3 times(SDTV) or 4 times(HDTV) as high as display height.

Optical measurement platform's Z axis'distance should be lengthened to satisfy measurement needs.

4.3D Display and 3D TV's Measurement Standard

Currenty the mainly implemented are<IEC Measuring Methods for Stereoscopic Display>standard and<Glasses Stereoscopic Display Measurement Method>discussion draft.The 3D display and 3D glasses' measurement methods defined in<Glasses Stereoscopic Display Measurement Method>discussion draft are more comprehensive.

5.<SJ/T 11281-2007 Light-Emitting Diode Display Measurement Method>

This is one measurement method standard maed by China industry department. It defines LED display's measurement projects both indoor and outdoor, including:luminance, viewing angle, max contrast ratio, basic color main wave length difference,  display module luminance uniformity, frame-switching frequency measurement, gray scale measurement, etc.

6.OLED Screen's Measurement

According to OLED screen's characteristics.Main measurement's projects include l-V-L curve, luminance efficiency, lumen efficiency, CRI coloration index, spectrum index, spectrum curve, uniformity measurement, etc.

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