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Optical Instruments

Optical Instruments

Imaging Photometers DA series

Product DescriptionImaging Photometers DA series is an automatic optical inspection instrument for flat panel displ···

Imaging Colorimeters DI Series

Product DescriptionImaging Colorimeters DI Series is an instrument developed by Fstar for automatic optical inspection o···


The color analyzer LA-2000 uses the latest integrated Interference filter technology, its CIE XYZ sensor matching human ···

LA-5000 series

LA-5000 portable spectroradiometer is a lightweight, high-speed and accurate spectrometer, the instrument technology is ···

Moving Picture Response Time Analyzer FS-MPRT

When the human eye observes the natural image of motion, the smooth following motion keeps the image of the motion image···

Graylevel Response Time & Flicker Analyzer FS-GRT

Graylevel Response Time Flicker Analyzer FS-GRT is an optical instrument for gray-scale response time measurement develo···

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