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Smartphone and Tablet Measurement

Smartphone and Tablet Measurement

Optical testing system FS-TR series

Product Description      FS-1500TR series is mainly applied to the optical characteristic measuremen···

Optical testing system FS-GAR series

Product DescriptionThe FS-GAR series is a five-axis fully automated system for optical characterization testing of cell ···

Optical testing system FS-ACR series

Product DescriptionFS-ACR series are mainly used for specular reflectance, diffuse reflectance, transmittance and ambien···

Optical test of display in high and low temperature environment FS-TC series

Product Description    It is mainly applied to test the optical items of car displays and OLED displays u···

Visual angle analysis of small size display FS-EZC series

Product DescriptionThe FS-EZC series is an automated station for use with the El dimE Z contrast fast viewing angle anal···

Lifetime test system for cellular phone

Product Description      Current OLED item lifetime/long-term image sticking testing relies mai···

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